I just completed this piece for a loyal customer and thought it would be perfect to share with you as summer comes to a close. Sunflowers are beautiful as we head into Fall but this design will never go out of season. This design is adorable yet very personal with sweet little handprints as the center of big, beautiful sunflowers. Depending on the age of the child (if they are tiny babies and it is hard to get a handprint) footprints will work well too.

Begin with sketching out where you would like the flowers to be so you have an idea of your handprint or footprint placement. Single blooms look nice or group them together for fuller look.

Paint the hand or foot with Bright Briarwood and press on to the pottery. Continue until you are done with the centers of all of your flowers. When the prints are dry, take a medium round brush dipped in Bright Saffron and use big, bold brushstrokes to create the sunflower petals all around the print. I added a touch of Dark Butternut to the petals to add dimension. You may also add a stem – with a simple stroke of the brush and some leaves with Bright Kiwi.

When the flowers are completely dry, accent with Dark Briarwood and Black funwriters. Use the Dark Briarwood to do a heavy loose outline the flowers and the black to do a lighter, “skippy” outline on the inside of the bold outline. Don’t forget to add the seeds to the cenr of the flowers.

For this custom piece, I also included big brother by turning his thumbprints into a few bees buzzing around! You can do the same if you want to include siblings, or make your mark on the piece by including your own thumbprints and make it a Mommy and Me creation!

No matter what piece of pottery this is painted on, your masterpiece is sure to create a buzz!