Walking through the Tempe Studio a few weeks before Mother’s Day I stopped dead in my tracks. A young lady was painting an intricate Jane Austen-esque mansion on one of the biggest platters As You Wish sells. I was taken with the detail and scale of the project. And after hearing the story behind this lovely piece of work, I admired it even more. It was what my own Mom might call a “Labor of Love.” The artist was a “Wisher” from the Tempe studio – Meg and we talked to her about creating this special Mother’s Day Project that took two months to complete!


Wisher: Meg Hamberlin.
Q: Studio?
A: I’ve worked at As You Wish for about 7 months. I am at the Tempe studio, but I always try to help out other studios when I can.


Q: What or who was your inspiration?
A: The inspiration for the project was my Mom, Kate, and her admiration and longing for Lyme Hall. I know my Mom loves it because it reminds her of Pride and Prejudice and she has always wanted to visit. My intention was that she would use the platter to put her cookies on. My Mom bakes and decorates cookies and I decorate the plates she puts them on! I think right now I think it’s collecting dust because she’s afraid to use it!


Q: How long did it take to complete?
A: It took me from 15 to 20 hours to complete, though I did stretch it over the course of two months.


Q: Did you use any special techniques or tricks of the trade?A: The only real technique I used was transferring the image of the hall using the tracing paper. I like to draw but it was easier and cleaner to get the details by tracing. I also used about every shade of brown As You Wish offers and used the Fun Writers on the building details. I think one of the ‘tricks’ I used was taking a break from working on the platter, which made it important to start in advance. I couldn’t stare at it for too long. I’d go insane!

Q: What makes you ‘Wishy’?
A: Everything I think! I love being able to express myself creatively and won’t let anybody change that about me. The world needs a spark of crazy. I’m just a lightning bolt of it!


Q: How do you spend non-Wishy time?
A: I’m most likely sleeping! Or going to school. I’m studying ceramics at the community college. But I’m always at As You Wish, on or off the clock.

Q: What do you love about working at As You Wish?
A: I love interacting with people. They are at the Wish to create something. And sometimes I get to hear why people are the way they are and what kind of week they are having. To be able to shoulder the burden of someone having a bad day or help someone escape from the chaotic world outside by inspiring them? That’s what makes me love my job. That transformation from worry to carefree and joyful … It’s fun!


Deb Smith of Outloud Marketing is a frequent As You Wish customer and works with our marketing staff. She is also a writer and shares customer and As You Wish employee stories with us. You can find her on Twitter or Instagram at @wordsmithgirl.