Note: With our 20th Anniversary in September, we’ve been introducing some of our staff and customers who we feel help tell the story of As You Wish Pottery.


I am an Art Education major at Arizona State University. This wasn’t the career path I had always dreamed of despite strong roots in art. In grade school, I always excelled in math and science and thought I would choose a career in one of those fields. However I always stayed creative by drawing, painting, singing, making clothes, etc. My senior year of high school I took my first real art class and loved it! I had an amazing teacher who seemed to LOVE her job. That’s when I decided that I wanted to teach art.

Art is my passion.

If I go too long with out creating something I don’t feel like myself. Art is therapeutic for me. I also love teaching what I know to others. Being able to help someone create something they are proud of is a great feeling.

My Dad is a good illustrator and my Aunt and Uncle are outstanding artists. My Uncle makes metal sculptures and my Aunt paints. As a kid I remember drawing the cartoons from my books such as The Little Mermaid, Scooby Doo and Curious George.

I love to teach! I enjoy teaching all of the classes at As You Wish. From time-to-time we have canvas classes (like this summer) and I would have to say those are some of my favorite to teach.


Kaylyn Art2


Defining Moments

Some defining moments would have to be having my art displayed in shows or winning awards. However it’s not about the awards. I would even consider defining moments as learning a new technique or creating something I didn’t think I could. Sometimes I will look at one of my paintings or something from another artist and I can’t believe that it started out as a blank canvas.

I would have to say my most “Wishy” quality would be my customer service. While at work I understand that I am there to work and I am very to the point when it comes to getting things done. However, As You Wish customers come first. I love pulling out a damaged piece of pottery to show a customer a new technique that will make their painting experience so much easier. Customers usually look at our samples and think they would never be able to duplicate them, but really most of the samples are created with the simplest of techniques!




Favorite Customers

I have been working for As You Wish in the Tempe Studio for two years now. However, I have covered shifts other studios and experienced a little bit of everything while working here.

Picking a favorite customer … that’s a tough one. Tempe has a lot of wonderful regulars! Brother and sister, Mike and Theresa spend a lot of time in the Tempe studio. They have taken several classes. They are very helpful in the studio as well. They are always helping me set up or clean up a class while I am running around. Whenever there is a large class it’s always a relief knowing they are signed up because I will have that little bit of extra help if needed!

Another fabulous regular is Eric. He has a very unique style of art. Currently he has been helping out with our donated Girl Scout pieces for their silent auction. You may have seen some of his pieces on our Instagram page. Eric is special to me because we are always taking about art and trying new things. When I was in school and could not come up with an idea for a project he made me the longest list of ideas! I ended up making the project based on one of his ideas and it turned out great! He also asks my for advice on other art techniques, outside of pottery painting. It is very flattering to be taken so seriously as an artist.