A few years back, successful food blogger Wendy O’Neal’s life changed. “I was at a conference in Las Vegas and had a horrible allergic reaction to something I ate,” she remembers. “I saw my doctor as soon as I got home. He handed me an EpiPen and did allergy testing. A week later, I was diagnosed with life threatening dairy and wheat allergies, and a slight egg allergy.” For some food bloggers this might have been the last dish, so to speak. Instead, Wendy did research and embraced the change. Her blog Around My Family Table helps others with food allergies enjoy home cooked meals with their families using her easy, family-friendly recipes.

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Now, when she is not raising chickens or pulling fruit off of her own trees to develop yet another delicious gluten and vegan/dairy free recipes for AMFT (touted by sponsors the likes of Weight Watchers), this stay-at-home mom has her hands full co-running local EastValleyMomGuide.com and planning Blended, a learning conference for fellow bloggers. This is all of course in addition to leading a Girl Scout troop for her daughter, taking her son to sports practice and putting a delicious, made-from-scratch, kid-approved meal on the table for her family each night.


It is this dedication to family and home cooked meals that captured the heart of her high school sweetheart and “hubbyman,” John. After Wendy took her son and daughter to make a decorated mug for Father’s Day at As You Wish several years ago, John caught the bug and started a new Mother’s Day tradition.


Wendy says John so loved his mug and realized how much she enjoyed As You Wish, so he plotted to take their kids to make her Mother’s Day gifts he knew she would love and appreciate. “I never know that they plan to go or when they actually visit the studio,” she explains. “I love that he plans it all by himself and that the artwork is 100% by the kids and represents the things that they are really into at the time or that they think I will love.”

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Wendy’s As You wish Mother’s Day collection is quite eclectic, but each piece has special meaning or purpose. While her ring holder is the most practical gift (used daily), she loves that her daughter picked out the cupcake bank because of how much her mom loves to make and eat them! Her son picked the robot because it was similar to a Lego project he was building that year.

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Her eyes get glassy explaining how much her husband clearly loves setting this up each year and spending this time with their kids creating these “memory pieces.” Her collection sits on a fabulous shelf in her home on display; a kind of visual “scrapbook” she enjoys at a glance any time.

Written by Deb Smith. Deb, of OutLoud Marketing Studio is a frequent As You Wish customer and works with our marketing staff. She is also a writer (thus her twitter and Instagram handle “@wordsmithgirl”) and will be sharing customer and As You Wish employee stories with us. You can learn more about Wendy O’Neal and enjoy her amazing recipes on her blog at http://www.aroundmyfamilytable.com.