Welcome to the As You Wish Blog! With the launching of our new website we thought it would be nice to have a little blog to keep our amazing customers up to date on happenings at “The Wish”. We’ll give you lots of tips and tricks and ideas to create your one of a kind masterpiece and offer up “Positive Pottery Painting Pointers” to make the best of your experience – after all it is all about the FUN!

So here we go – our very first “Positive Pottery Painting Pointer”! Are you ready? Because it’s pretty dramatic…….…RELAX! That’s right! Take a deep breath and RELAX! Whether you’re painting with a trio of the under six crowd or just in experiencing As You Wish for the first time, remember you really can do no wrong. Puppies don’t have to be brown – purple and blue and green with orange spots are absolutely delightful and will make you smile every time you look at it. And, if you’re an adult, painting a more “sophisticated” piece, remember it’s not about the pottery – it’s about the experience. Have fun, don’t take yourself so seriously, and keep in mind it doesn’t have to be perfect! Beauty and Art are all in the eye of the beholder and when you see your completed masterpiece, keep in mind the first time someone saw one Jackson Pollock’s “splattered” canvases we doubt they proclaimed it museum worthy!