Hi friends, it’s Jen from JenAStreet here again and today and I wanted to share with you a simple trick to create a fun pottery piece using stickers for stencils. I am not so great at painting free handed so using stickers has helped me to create fun details. They come in a lot of varieties so finding the perfect shape for your project should be easy. I was going for a spring vibe for my piece so I located some great sheets of flower stickers at the dollar store. Remember the stickers with the most detail are going to give you the best looking results.

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Once I found my stickers I was ready to head to the studio. I knew I was looking for a shallow dish that I wanted to use to hold bracelets. I found a cute two-piece dish that was perfect for what I was looking for but I decided I was just going to use the bottom because my bracelets were going to stack too high for the lid to work.

sticker stencil

In order for there to be color when you lift the sticker you’ll first need to paint the area where you want your shape to be. Remember to use lighter colors for this step so that your top color can cover any overages.

Next, you’re going to wait for the paint to dry. Don’t worry this paint dries quickly. Once dry, take your fingers and rub off as much of the dry/chalky residue as possible so your sticker will stick.

Now, you’ll place your sticker onto the painted area and push down firmly to secure.

Sticker Stencil 1

Once you’ve added your stickers, cover the entire area with a darker color.

sticker stencil 2Now, you’ll peel up the sticker and you’ll have an outline to work with. Using the small squeeze paint bottles or puffy paint you can add a couple of details to the flower.

sticker stencil 3

Keeping with the green theme I added another shade of green to outside of my dish and was all set!

I love how simple and cute this dish turned out I already have a bunch of bracelets hanging out in it!

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