Travel Through Art!

Many of us have had our travel plans either cancelled or altered in some way over the past year. While those changes have been very disappointing we decided to give our customers the opportunity to travel through the creativity of a paint brush! We created 5 projects with inspiration from different countries (and a continent) around the world. These projects will take you on an artistic adventure of learning and creating while in the comfort of your home. During our journey, we learned a few interesting facts about each place that we will share with you in the project guide. In some ways, it felt as if we were actually there, and now we have a completed project to remind us of our creative journey. The countries (and continent) we chose to learn about are Japan, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and Antarctica.

Projects are $25 each and include your pottery piece, paints, tools, and instructions. Save $10 when you purchase 3 or more! Visit our Upcoming Classes page to sign up.