Note: Breanna is our third place winner in The Dish On The Wish Contest. This post combines her entry with some follow up information she shared with us. We are excited to share this sweet love story with you!

My husband of one year, Blake, and I went on our first date to As You Wish. Neither of us had been before. We were introduced through our church at a New Year’s Eve dance. He danced with me then asked for my phone number. He eventually called me and asked if he could take me out on a date. Of course I accepted!

Engaged with a touch of As You Wish!

Our first date was January 31 (just days after my 20th birthday). He said he would plan what we’d do that night. I was actually pretty nervous – I didn’t know what he had planned for the evening. We had a great time that night at the studio and REALLY hit it off.

After five months or so of dating, he took me to As You Wish again and we painted plates. By this time we had already started discussing our wedding and I knew he would ask me to marry him soon. I thought it might be that night but it wasn’t. We finished up at As You Wish (I made a square plate with our wedding colors on it and he made the circular plate you see in the photo of my hand, however, there were no words in the middle yet) and we went home.

Breanna and Blake Dixson

A couple of days later we were stargazing and having a romantic dinner at the lake. After dinner we took some pictures (I am professional photographer and a nanny, Blake is an accountant having just graduated from ASU and landed a job with a local firm). I noticed that he went to the back of his car. He pulled out a familiar As You Wish Pottery bag and I just knew what was inside — the plates we decorated! I excitedly rushed over to see what they ended up looking like. I pulled out the first one and it was painted to perfection.

As I pulled out the second plate, I noticed that something was different. On the front was a picture from our first date at As You Wish. There was a string attached to the photo that read: “What’s behind me?” I removed the picture and saw the words “Will You Marry Me?” written on the front of the plate. I turned around to see my husband on his knee. Blake told me he loved me and wanted me for eternity. He asked me to marry him and I said “Yes!” He placed the most gorgeous ring on my finger and we were engaged. It only took us four months from our first date to get engaged in May. We were married on July 26th, so our total time between dating and engagement was about seven months!

(Bottom left, clockwise): First Date at As You Wish Pottery; firs plates from that special date; a Wedding Proposal; Plates used for the proposal, the happy couple with their plates at As You Wish!
(Bottom left, clockwise): First Date at As You Wish Pottery; fired plates from that special date; a special Wedding Proposal; Plates used for the Proposal, the happy couple with their freshly plates at As You Wish!

Blake has always been very sweet and romantic; I knew he would do something special for the proposal. He came up with the idea to take me to As You Wish on our first date and it became a very significant part of our relationship – that’s where it ALL started! I think because we had a really special first date at As You Wish it was a perfect way to start out our engagement. He knew it was significant to us so that’s why he included our plates in his proposal. They were even put on display at our wedding!

As You Wish holds such a special place in our hearts. Thanks for helping us create one-of-a- kind special memories and helping us make the moments count!

PS: When we are pregnant, we will be back to make something very special for the gender reveal! Stay tuned!