The Story Behind the Ornament

As You Wish Pottery-2a

Riley and I wandered in to As You Wish Pottery last week. I knew I wanted to make a few Christmas presents for family, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to choose. As I stood looking at their beautiful selection of ornaments you can paint, I suggested we paint an ornament for Tia, Riley’s great aunt. He looked up at me and said, “And one for Grandma Wendy, too.”

Riley’s sweet grandma passed away earlier this year. He is only four, but talks about her all the time. I let him talk about his memories and remind him of how much she loves him.

After Riley’s adoption was completed, a Christmas celebration was the first time Grandma Wendy visited our home. An ornament would absolutely be the perfect way to remember her at Christmas for so many reasons.

As You Wish Pottery-1

When you look at a great work of art, don’t you wonder the story behind it? We all wonder why the Mona Lisa’s smile was painted that way. We all wonder why Degas painted so many ballerinas. I’m sure it is no different with our own art. There is a story – a moment or emotion frozen in time that is captured in the art.

What is your story behind your ornament?