As my daughter gets older, I’m learning that simple and handmade are her treasured possessions. I tend to overthink what to get her for gifts, and she surprises me with what she adores. Last time we went to As You Wish Pottery together, she chose this simple jewelry box. She painted it, and I picked it up for her when she was in school.

The Perfect Gift for Teens and Tweens

I filled the drawers with chap stick and lip gloss to surprise her. This little box now sits proudly on her bathroom counter.

Kate Eschbach Photography-2

I smile every time I see it, because I love when I get things right as a mom. That doesn’t always happen. I love when I am able to surprise her with something that she really treasures.


I love these flowers that she has been drawing. She drew them on the pitcher that she created last month and they are so precious and unique. I asked her to share her technique on drawing these flowers, so we made a video for you – I hope you enjoy it!