Hello! It’s Rachel of West Valley Moms Blog bringing you a special St. Patty’s Day post.

When I was thinking of a fun & festive project for St. Patty’s Day I really wanted to provide a modern piece that could be utilized year round – not a project that could only be used one day of the year.

So I made a plate that could be used to celebrate any accomplishment; like a promotion or graduation, etc. I accomplished this image by drawing a diagonal line down the middle of my plate and traced a block and script font of my choice.

***Don’t forget to ask As You Wish employees for assistance with printing fonts, tracing and placement. They are always happy to help!

I kept it simple with this plate and just selected a neutral gray color that I could pair up with any color I wanted. For example if someones graduation colors were red and blue (heyo, Wildcats) this same plate would work for your event.

While I was busy working away on my project I had prepared a impression project for my daughter. We simply used 3 crayons glued together to make a clover. I had her first use a circle sponge to make circles in a lighter green. Let the dots dry.

Next dip crayons into a darker green paint. Let clovers dry. We used a small detail brush to make the stems. You might need to assist your kiddo with filling in the clover leaves a bit. And that’s it!

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