Save The Street Dogs

We are excited to be partnering with Sky Sanctuary Rescue for the month of March! They are a fantastic non-profit organization here in Phoenix, saving animals off the street and getting them the care they need. We will be raising money on their behalf at each of our 7 Arizona locations. You can help us paint it forward by rounding up your change in the studio or purchasing a paper paw for $1. As You Wish will be matching every donation, dollar for dollar!

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Sky Sanctuary Rescue saves abandoned and deserted animals, then pays for and provides medical procedures, rehabilitation, shelter, and training. Once their rescues are in good health and trained, they are ready to adopt! We had the pleasure of meeting some of these sweet pups, painted with them, and had a hard time not taking them all home.

Meet some of the doggos!

Sundae and Cherry + Vanilla

Sundae and her unborn babies faced euthanasia after experiencing birth complications. She was struggling to deliver and rather than let them face euthanasia, we rushed Sundae to the vet for an emergency C-section where we soon discovered that she had a puppy stuck in her birth canal. Sundae gave birth to two beautiful boys named Cherry + Vanilla who are growing like weeds and will soon outgrow their mama! We just adore this little family. 


Dino is our longest resident here at Sky. Dino is a senior who was discovered as a stray on the streets of Phoenix before finding himself on the euthanasia list at the Humane Society due to allergies. When we saw his sweet face, we just knew his life couldn’t end on those terms. We took Dino to the dermatologist and soon had a plan in place to get this little guy healthy again. Because Dino only has partial vision, he approaches slowly but is quick to become comfortable with his people. Once he knows you are safe, he is as loyal as can be. Truly, he just wants to feel comfortable, safe, and secure. Hey, don’t we all?! We will be through the roof when this sweet guy finds his forever home. 


Lovey has found on the streets in critical condition and soon found herself on the euthanasia list at the Humane Society. Lovey’s life was at risk due to a condition driven from hormones due to breeding. We were able to get her the emergency surgery she desperately needed and her healing journey began. Once she began to feel better, we saw just how amazing she truly was. Just like her name suggests, this girl is a LOVER! She is truly as sweet as can be and we cannot waait to see her happy ending unfold. She’ll be available to adopt soon!


Our most beloved, fan favorite, tiny survivor, wrinkly little boy – Squid! Squid came to us at 4-weeks old after being discovered on the streets and facing euthanasia in the shelter. We had no idea at the time the medical battle we were going to need to fight in order to save this little boy’s life. His specialists and surgeons describe him as a medical anomaly as he has survived a colon perforation, congenital stricture, lung lobe torsion, orthopedic condition, autoimmune disease, Shar Pei fever and most recently, Parvo Virus, in just his first year of life. Despite ALL he has been through, he is the happiest, most wonderful dog that loves all things snacks and has big dreams to compete in agility trials.