Just spent the weekend in San Diego and saw all those Arizona Babies running around on the beach in San Diego and was reminded of our San Diego Beach Baby Plate. How cute is this reminder of your fun in the sun this summer? It really is an easy plate to paint, but take this idea, and feel free to change it up by painting this design on an iced tea pitch, a family style bowl, or even a larger platter if you’d like to include more than one pair of sandals!

  1. Begin with painting your child’s foot with Light Pink or any skin tone color you choose. I like to use a sponge for feet just because a brush tends to tickle quite a bit, but a fan brush, or any other paintbrush will do just fine. Just wipe the paint on their foot and stamp it on the plate. Repeat for the second foot.
  2. While the prints are drying, take your favorite Yellow paint and make the sun. Just do simple one coat brush strokes. Don’t forget to include the rays. If you are unsure of free handing it remember you can draw the sun on first in number 2 pencil if you like and then fill in with paint like a coloring book.
  3. Next, it’s time for the water. I used one coat of Neon Blue in a swishy brush stroke technique. You may use any blue that you like. We have many to choose from.
  4. The prints should be dry by now, so take a medium round brush and dip in Bright Pink, or any other color you prefer. Paint around the footprint in the simple shape of the flip flop. It is ok to have a little bit of white between the flip flop and the footprint. Again if you are unsure you can use a number 2 pencil and draw a line around the footprints and outline your flip flop and then just fill in with paint.
  5. Add the straps in Bright Caribbean and make the little flower bling with funwriters.
  6. Finish the piece off with Black funwriter outlining and detailing and of course the name and place you are commemorating. It doesn’t get much cuter than this!