We love Valentines Day at As You Wish!!!!! The candy hearts, little notes, the flowers,- all of it! We love the romance it can bring out in people. We’ve seen husbands suprise wives with a date night at As You Wish complete with flowers on the table and a bottle of wine; we’ve helped several men paint “Will You Marry Me” on the perfect piece of pottery and last year we even witnessed our first in studio “Pottery Proposal!” Nicole thought she was just going to As You Wish on a date with her boyfriend,when she stumbled upon a painted plate that said “Will You Marry Me?” He had secretly come in and pre-painted that plate and placed it just where he thought she might look. The staff was in on it, her friend was in on it, and her boyfriend….well, he was just plain romantic! So all you men out there, take note – we happen to think the “Pottery Proposal” ranks right up there in the Top Ten Creative Propposals of All Time!

Angie Fraley our Community Relations Director has another great Valentine’s Idea – “We have an annual tradition on Valentines Day. We get as many of our couple friends as possible and all go painting together at As You Wish. The idea is that we all paint a wine glass for the other person in our life – how fun is that? It is really two gifts in one – a creative evening together and a wine glass!” We couldn’t agree more! Enjoy your Valentines Day, we hope it brings out the creative, romantic side of you!