Each month we will feature a simple pottery painting project that you can complete in 10 easy steps or less! For those of you out there that are scared silly by paint and brushes, or those that need a little creative inspiration than Pottery Painting 101 is your destination each month. Enjoy!

This month we are featuring an adorable Valentine’s gift you can make with your little ones. Bring your little love bug into As You Wish and make a special flower pot for the person you adore this Valentines season! It’s easy to dance their fingerprints through paint to make these love bugs to decorate the perfect gift for a teacher, a parent, or even a grandparent! They will be so honored to receive a special gift made with Love!

1. Ladybug Body – Using the large sponge on a stick make pink circles at various spots around the flower pot. Just dip the sponge in paint and press it lightly on the flower pot.

2. Ladybug Wings – Once the pink is dry, brush some red on your child’s thumb and make two thumbprints on top of the pink circles to make an upside down V shape.

3. Ladybug Head – Use the small sponge on a stick to make the ladybug’s head. Just dip the sponge in black paint and press it lightly on the flower pot at the top of the pink circles to make the shape of the head.

4. Stripes – use a wide square brush and make a single brush stroke in intervals around the rim of the flower pot to create your stripes.

5. Details of Ladybug – Using a black funwriter, draw the antennas onto the ladybugs head. Then make a rough circle around each ladybug’s body. Remember, look at the picture, the circles are not exact. Lastly, place a few black dots on the ladybugs body.

6. Details of Rim – Still using a black funwriter, outline the vertical sides of each red stripe. Again it doesn’t have to be exact. Then if you like add a wavy line across the bottom of the rim.

7. Polka Dots on Rim – these are created by dipping the wrong end of a paint brush, a qtip, or the eraser head of a pencil into black paint and placing it on the rim of the flower pot.

8. Saucer – we used a light pink. Take a fan brush and dip it in clean water, place it directly into your paint so it is a little watery and mix it up, add a few more drops of water if you like, this makes the paint more translucent. Make large brushstrokes all over the inside and outside of the saucer until covered. If you need to add more water do so.

9. Dots on Saucer – using the same technique as you did for the Polka Dots on Rim. Dot the saucer with red and medium pink dots as desired.

10. Writing on Rim – using the black puffy paint, write your preferred wording on the rim. If you are uncomfortable free handing it with the puffy paint, you can pencil it on first with #2 pencil. Just be very careful to sketch on top of the paint with the pencil, if you make grooves in the paint with the pencil, the pencil lead mark will go away once it is fired but you will still see the grooves.

That’s it you have a lovely Love Bug gift for Valentine’s in 10 easy steps!