Personalized Gifts for Newly Weds

When you’re shopping for wedding gifts, sticking to the registry is always the way to go (this is a cardinal rule of gift buying, isn’t it?!). However, adding a custom painted piece for the newly weds to your gift provides an extra touch of love. There’s something about holding a tangible memory from your most special day that outshines all else; we call it pottery magic. Here’s how we made a custom wedding platter and a set of Mr & Mrs mugs to match!

First, we digitally designed the vinyl stickers based on the wedding invitation provided by the customer. These are the completed designs for both the custom painted platter and the custom mug set.

Next, the stickers are cut and “weeded”, where the elements we want to paint are removed from the sticker. This creates a perfect stencil for pottery painting!

Then, contact paper is used to apply the vinyl sticker, making sure every detail of the stencil makes it onto the piece.

The next step is adding paint! We used a mixture of green tones on the foliage & inside the mugs, then added black for the lettering for a classic look. Peeling off the sticker and reveling the ~perfect~ design is always a great reveal! Then we bopped them in the Arizona sun to dry thoroughly… which doesn’t take long in summer time!

Last step is glazing with care and firing in the kiln. Once the pieces are in the kiln, we cross our fingers and toes for a perfect result! It’s out of our hands as the kiln is cookin’ up to 2800 degrees Fahrenheit! Luckily, the odds were in our favor, and we opened the kiln to see the most beautiful, classy Wedding Gift Set that the happy couple are sure to enjoy for years to come.

Cheers to the newly weds!