Hello! It’s Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft and I’m back with a teacher gift idea. Back to school time is here and teachers do so much for our children, why not create something special for them. This year, my son gifted his teacher a mason jar, painted to look like a number 2 pencil. We filled it with pencils, which teachers can never have enough of, and tied a matching tag to it. You could also fill it with flowers or candy. Fill it with Reese’s Pieces and you can print out a matching tag here. Happy painting!


Pencil Mason Jar (painted at As You Wish)
Printable Tags
Hole Punch
Twine or String


Step 1: Head to As You Wish to paint your favorite teacher a pencil mason jar. Paint the rim in black, a stripe of tan right under, a larger stripe of yellow under the tan and then gray and red. Use a black and white fun writer to add the details.

Step 2: Once your pencil jar is out of the kiln, fill it with pencils. Teachers will love you if you spring for ticonderoga pencils, they are the best!

Step 3: Print out the printable pencil tags on white card stock paper.

Step 4: Using scissors, cut out the tags.

Step 5: Punch a hole in the tags, in the center of the eraser.

Step 6: Tie the tag to the pencil jar with a piece of jute or string.

Step 7: Gift to your favorite teacher during back to school time or teacher appreciation week!

Visit As You Wish to create a unique teacher gift!