Parties at home are fond memories we all carry. Whether it was the year you had an “extravagant princess party sleepover”, or the year of “the most epic game night ever”, it’s the memories made with friends we cherished that matter the most. Make your party at home EXTRA special with a Party To-Go paint pack. We’ll provide everything you need to paint pottery in the comfort of your own home and create tangible memories you can cherish for years to come.

Book Now!

Here’s how it works:

  • Book Online!
  • Then stop by your local studio to choose your pieces and paints.
  • The cost is $2 per 2oz cup of paint plus the price of pottery.
  • Take your pieces, paints, and supplies to-go!
  • Return pieces, paints, and supplies to the studio after your party.
  • We’ll glaze and fire everything and it will be ready for pick up 7 days later!
  • $25 deposit required at time of booking.