Painted Snack Cups | As You Wish Pottery

Hi there! Kimberly from West Valley Moms Blog here with you again sharing fun times at As You Wish! It’s Back to School time and one thing that means for us is that our boys are ready for SNACK TIME once they get home! Those growing kiddos can sure down a lot of food during this busy time of year, can’t they? Well this summer the kids had fun creating their own custom Painted Snack Cups that are perfect for holding after school goodies.

Painted Snack Cups | As You Wish Pottery

As You Wish has an awesome selection of plates, bowls and cups that are perfect for your kids to customize and use at home. We picked these small tumblers that would be fun drink cups but I knew that my kiddos would love them as snack cups. With these cups we decided to do a little fun painting with sponges! We grabbed little pieces of sponges near the supplies, paint plates and a few different colors for each kiddo so they would know for sure whose cup was whose!

Painted Snack Cups | As You Wish PotterySPainted Snack Cups | As You Wish Pottery

AJ picked a turquoise blue, lime green and we also added in some white. Then he simply dipped his sponges in the paint and applied to the tumbler with his own custom touch! It’s a fun no-stress way to paint that you might have not even thought of before. The kiddos can create fun designs that they’re sure to love at home.

Painted Snack Cups | As You Wish Pottery

Once you pick up your painted masterpieces, be prepared to be begged for snacks! My kiddos love eating fruit and snacks like pretzels out of their new custom Painted Snack Cups!

Painted Snack Cups | As You Wish PotteryPainted Snack Cups | As You Wish Pottery

So not only do we have new As You Wish painted masterpieces at home, we had a fun day out creating AND we can put these cuties to work! So make snack time MORE FUN this year with Painted Snack Cups you can make at As You Wish Pottery!