Now most of the time we are extolling the virtures of painting outside the box and embracing all those creative juices! But this week’s Pottery Painting 101 tip shows us that painting inside the box or coloring inside the lines can help those of us who aren’t necessarrily the type of artist that can whip something out off the tip of our brushes! This week’s tip comes from our Ahwatukee manager, Cynthia. Enjoy!

Have you ever wanted to go paint at As You Wish, but worried that you would get there and not be able to come up with an idea? Have you ever come in to paint and ended up walking around for half an hour trying to figure out what you want to do? Have you ever come in with your kids or friends and decided not to paint because “you don’t have an artistic bone in your body?” Well, we have a fantastic solution to all of those problems! The Tissue Paper/Sharpie Trick!!

If you find an image you like in one of our idea books or on one of our samples, you can put that image on your pottery even if you can’t freehand (like me!) Here is all it takes!

*You put tissue paper, the cheap stuff you wrap gifts in, down on the image you want to transfer.

*You trace it with a pencil.

*You put your tissue paper down on your pottery and go over the pencil with a sharpie. The sharpie will bleed through the tissue paper onto your pottery so you can paint inside the lines, and the sharpie will burn out in the kiln!!

And voila! From there, all you have to do is paint your image! If it’s tiny detail work, you can literally just paint with our Funwriters, which are just our normal paint poured into smaller squeeze bottles so you can use them like a pen. Funwriters come out as 3 coats so you only have to use them once to get solid coverage!

I tell our amazing customers in Ahwatukee this incredible trick and I watch the light bulb go off in their head and I see the smile brighten on their face as they begin to understand the world of possibilities now open to them! This trick lets you come in with your idea prepared and you tissue paper already traced. I Google things like line-art, clip art, drawings and images of things I like and do the first tracing at home.

It is so very simple! This wonderful trick lets you look like you can freehand! It lets you put just about anything onto your pottery and end up with a masterpiece! So, don’t get caught up in all the worry, hesitation and self-doubt! Even YOU can paint like Picasso!!

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