Welcome to the Idea Center

As You Wish is a great place to flex your creative muscles and have some fun! In addition to expert assistance from our staff, you have access to our Idea Center where you will find a wealth of design ideas, painting techniques, and project inspiration. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a first-time painter, the Idea Center offers a range of tools and resources to spark your imagination and help turn your pottery pieces into true works of art!

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Paint Center

Our extensive selection of over 70 paint colors ensures you’ll find the perfect combinations to bring your pottery masterpiece to life. 

Stamps & Stickers

Stamps and stickers make it easy for artists of all ages and skill levels to add intricate designs and charming details to projects. Explore our array of options and watch your creations come to life with these fun and versatile embellishments.

Q-Tips, Sponges, & Masking Tape

These simple tools are your secret weapons for achieving precise details, crisp lines, and captivating textures in your artwork.

Idea Books & Painting Tutorial Videos

These thoughtfully curated collections of pottery painting ideas and techniques are your go-to resource for sparking creativity. Whether you’re looking for step-by-step project guides or simply seeking inspiration, our Idea Books have just what you need. Most projects include a tutorial video!

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Tracing Images

With tissue paper, pencils, and Sharpie markers readily available at our Idea Center, you can effortlessly transfer your favorite images onto your pottery pieces, creating a temporary painting template that burns away after firing.

Puffy Paints & Funwriters

Elevate your pottery with a pop of texture and vibrant color using our Puffy Paints and Funwriters. These dynamic tools add flair to your creations, allowing you to decorate your pottery with playful designs and bold accents. Whether you want to create raised embellishments or precise lettering and detail work, Puffy Paints and Funwriters make it a breeze!