New Years Resolution-Family Time

Jen Street from Jen A Street and North Phoenix Moms Blog is with us today writing about creative family time!

There is something so refreshing about a new year, isn’t there? I love all the inspired and thoughtful changes that come as a new year begins. After reflecting on my 2014 I made plenty of my own New Years resolutions for this year and am still going strong on many of them including my most important one and that is to enjoy more family time!

Each year as my children get older and older I cry a little, I mean weren’t they just babies? Wasn’t I just pregnant with the youngest, Griffin, last year? Just the other day my almost 5 year old, Dallas, was standing flat-footed at the kitchen counter with his head resting on his arms on the counter, when the heck did he get big enough to do that? It took my breath away. So a big goal that my husband and I decided on was to spend more quality family time together this year. Each passing day I become remind that time is fleeting and these two little guys aren’t going to be this little for long.

We jumped right into this goal by taking the family to As You Wish to paint together. We decided that we would paint a big popcorn bowl that we could use for a family movie night. Not only is it something super functional but it would be a great reminder of all the fun we had painting together.

JenAStreet_post1_1We each took turns painting portions of our bowl. My husband decided to start painting stripes and I made sure every inch was covered. In order to keep the bowl from looking like a hodgepodge of colors we kept the color palette small. I also added our names on the inside and the words “Popcorn” and “family movie night” to each side.


The boys did help somewhat and you can see their little marks on the imperfectly perfect bowl but for the most part they were more interested in painting their pony and transformer. We all had such a nice time painting things that made us happy.AYW_jenastreet_post1_2AYW_jenastreet_post1_4

After waiting just a few days we had our adorable popcorn bowl and I’m happy to report we’ve already put it into good use a couple of times!

AYW_jenastreet_post1_5 AYW_jenastreet_post1_6 DSC08085

Do you and your family have movie nights? Do you have any special traditions for your movie nights?