Easter is coming soon and our kids will have a basket filled with goodies, but did you know that there are many children that will not have baskets or goodies to look forward to this Easter season?  As a parent, that really got me thinking and tugged on my heart strings for not only the children, but the concerned parents who can’t provide this for their own children.  Are Easter baskets a necessity?  No, they are not but they definitely bring smiles and joy to little kiddos faces even if it is for a small period of time.  It’s the little things we take for granted that homeless children do without.  No one should be without joy.

We decided to join with Cultivate Goodness in their efforts to supply 250 goodies bags that will be donated to Save The Family and will be distributed to children experiencing homelessness.  As You Wish contributed some of the items for these bags and our family joined in the event that was held to assemble these little bags of joy. 

It was amazing to see the amount of people that gave up a small amount of their busy Saturday schedule to help others.  Watching children help other children is always heartwarming.  The amount of concentration and detail that went into coloring the special Easter card that went into each bag was heartwarming.  Some even had a nice message written on the back to bring an extra smile to the recipient’s face.

With the thousands of families that are experiencing homelessness, it was nice to know that in some small way we will bring a small ray of sunshine to a few hundred of those cute little faces.