Did you know that even during this time volunteers at shelters and food banks are still working hard to offer relief to those in need?  Along with the healthcare workers, volunteers at these non-profit organizations are also meeting the needs of the community, just in a different way.  As the news broke about COVID-19, St. Vincent de Paul quickly pivoted its programs to protect community health while ensuring not a single day of service was missed.

St. Vincent de Paul’s provides basic needs for the homeless.   One of the many things they offer are shower facilities and hygiene kits.  As You Wish partnered with a local soap making company (who wish to remain anonymous) and we took about 2000 pounds of extra soap ends and packaged them.  With the help of this donation, we were able to package and deliver almost 650 packages of natural soap for St. Vincent de Paul to use for their programs.

When we work together, great things happen!