Homelessness isn’t seasonal. Living in Arizona, we know that in the summer time it gets HOT! While searching JustServe.org for ways we could help, we came across a post from Aris Foundation and their need for cooling scarves for the homeless. We wanted to give some of the youth in our area the opportunity to learn how to sew and join us in this act of service! 

Aris Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was originally established in 2016 to care for homeless young adults within the East Valley. While that remains their focus, they have expanded their mission to include all individuals, homeless or housed, who need care. They provide food, clothing and hygiene items. Mostly, they provide resources and a connection to loving volunteers who care.

There are so many ways to help and make a difference. I was touched to read the messages from some of the people they helped. Here are just a few:

“Reaching out to help. no matter how small can be the difference between change or destruction.” 

“They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”

“Aris puts heart into helping. It’s not just a job to them and you feel it.”


I really like it when we lose ourselves in our work so it no longer feels like a job. That is how we feel about As You Wish and the staff members we have that share the same passion for helping our customers make special memories while they are creating their masterpieces.

Shout out to the youth that came and helped us make 30 cooling scarves. This will make a difference to those individuals that receive them this summer for sure! 

Check out our instructions on how to make your own below!