As many of you know, there is a desperate need for additional medical supplies for members of our community that work the front line. Without them in a time like this, we would be lost and suffering unimaginably. They have the strength and courage to heal, support, and continue to show up and fight another day. It broke our hearts to learn of the severe need for donations, and we felt called to take action.

As a “maker”, which many of us at As You Wish would identify as, we always find a way to get our hands dirty and make a mess. Sewing face masks is the perfect craft for any of us to get involved in right now.  If any of you sew, you know it is a very ~patient~ craft and takes a lot of practice. But with determination, and belief that together we can make it happen, we buckled our bootstraps and got down to work.

All of the masks we are making will be both donated to Dignity Health and provided to front-line workers in our studios and among family, friends, and neighbors. We have made over 90 masks so far! The goal is to make as many as we can! Want to make some masks too? Here are some great tutorials on making face masks.

How to Sew a Surgical Face Mask for Hospitals – Free Pattern