One of our industry suppliers gifted us custom circle tiles with our 25th anniversary logo printed on the back. We loved this thoughtful gift and wanted to find a way for our community to enjoy it with us. School has been incredibly tough for students this year so we decided to provide a preschool class with a free handprint project! We asked our customers to nominate a preschool and tell us why their class should win. The responses were so touching. 

“This group of little ones is led by a wonderful teacher that goes above and beyond to educate our children. She finds ways of keeping their attention while still teaching them everything they need to know. Almost every day when my son comes home from school he is teaching me something new he learned or telling me how they kept practicing something that had started earlier in the week and that he can’t wait to go back again. Having my son so excited and motivated to go back each day has been one of the best confirmations that we made the right choice in preschool for our family. They deserve a little treat like this both teachers and students.”

We’re so proud of the students and teachers in our community and wanted to show our appreciation, even if we were only able to do it for just one classroom. The kids had a blast and made gifts to give to their loved ones during the holidays.