This week we volunteered to pack meals at Feed My Starving Children. FMSC is a Christian non-profit organization with a mission to “feed God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit”. Their process is simple. Donations given by people just like you and me fund the meal ingredients. Volunteers hand-pack the meals. Meals are donated to FSMC food partners around the world, where kids are fed and lives are saved! 

FMSC’s MannaPack meals are developed by food science nutrition professionals to supplement nutritional needs and reduce problems with malnutrition. Nutrition allows children to grow, thrive, and develop to their full potential. MannaPack meals consist of 4 basic ingredients (rice, vegetables, vitamins, and soy) providing an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates, and key nutrients. One MannaPack meal provides six meals to a 5-year-old child. 

Our team volunteered for a 2 hour shift where we were divided into 2 teams of five. Each person was assigned a specific task in the assembly line, and the goal was to pack as many bags as possible. We had a great time working as a team and packed a total of 44 boxes each containing 36 MannaPack meals. That’s a total of 9,504 meals. WOW! 

If you’re interested in volunteering to pack meals or other ways to get involved with FMSC, check out their website. 10/10 would recommend!