We were able to, once again, partner with Cultivate Goodness by helping donate and cook a tasty meal, and spread some goodness to those in need at the East Valley Men’s Center.

The men arrived with smiles on their faces and very grateful for what was being provided to them. A scripture and prayer were offered before the meal by one of the residents. We were very touched at the humility and sincerity of the words that were spoken. After we were done serving, some of the residents were asked to participate in cleaning up. We even made to-go meals for those residents that were still out working so they could have something to eat when they returned. It was a great night and it felt so good to be serving our community.

East Valley Men’s Center is an emergency shelter for up to 76 homeless men who make the commitment to become self-sufficient and move back into the community. East Valley Men’s Center provides food, shelter, basic needs, training and work assistance, and counseling and educational classes.

Residents are prescreened before enrollment and asked to be candid abut the problems that resulted in their homelessness. Once at the facility, staff ensure that each resident comply with established rules. During their stay, all residents must work full time and save 85% of their income.

What an amazing program to help get these men back on their feet. We were so grateful for the opportunity to serve.