Did you know National Pizza Day is coming up on February 09th? Like most of you, we’ll take pizza anytime we can get it but National Pizza Day is certainly a grand excuse to consume lots of hot, bubbly, cheesy goodness!


It’s also a great chance to plan a creative activity with your kiddos! Head on into As You Wish and paint your own personal pizza plate! Plan it now so it can be fired and ready for you on National Pizza Day! If you like – keep it simple and order from your favorite pizza joint and serve on your new personal plate – or – plan a pizza cooking day with your kids as well and make homemade pizza togther. If you want to go one step further plan a pizza party! You can have mini pizzas all ready for the kiddos to decorate, they can put on their chef hats and aprons and go to town! There are so many options! But let’s get started with that pizza plate first!

Let’s make sure we have all of the supplies!


Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 Rim Dinner Plate
  • Masking Tape
  • Pencil with good eraser
  • Brushes: Large square and small square
  • Paint Colors: Black Lab, Rockin’Red, Kermit, Old Yellar, Golden Retriever
  • Black Lab Funwriter
  • Black Puffy Paint



Start by masking off a triangle for your pizza slice.



PIZZA SLICE: Use the LARGE SQUARE BRUSH and OLD YELLAR PAINT to paint your pizza slice. Use big overlapping C shaped brush strokes. Follow with GOLDEN RETRIEVER PAINT for the Pizza Crust.



PEPPERONI AND PEPPERS: You can make the pepperoni with your thumb prints and ROCKIN RED PAINT. The green peppers are just a simple brush stroke with the SMALL SQUARE BRUSH and KERMIT paint.



BLACK STRIPES: Remove the masking tape from the plate. Now using BLACK LAB paint and the LARGE SQUARE BRUSH make one stroke of the brush at intervals around the plate. Start on one side of the pizza and work your way around, then do a second coat all the way around.



RED DOTS: using the eraser on the end of a PENCIL, dip it in ROCKIN’ RED PAINT and make dots around the inside edge of the rim.



OUTLINING DETAILS: Using the BLACK FUNWRITER outline your pizza slice and add the details. Hold the funwriter at an angle like a pencil, but don’t press down on the plate or scratch the bisque, just gently, and evenly squeeze the funwriter until you get the right amount of paint flow. The harder you squeeze the more paint will come out. Feel free to practice on your table first before you go to your piece.



YOUR NAME: First use a pencil and sketch out your name where you want it so you get the right spacing. (the pencil marks will disappear, but you will have them there as a guideline.) Next use the BLACK PUFFY PAINT to paint on your name. Use this the same way as the funwriter, holding at an angle and keeping the tip just off of the plate. Make sure you have shaken the puffy paint well and gotten all of the paint flowing down to the tip before you start.



It’s ready to fire! You’ll be enjoying your favorite pizza off you new favorite pizza plate in no time!



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Just make sure you get the last piece!