Mom’s Night Out- Pie and Painting Party

When most people think of As You Wish they think of a kids pottery painting place but let me tell you it is so much more! I recently invited some of my girlfriends to an evening of Pie and Painting! I selected a party package, brought the pie, chose a “pie pedestal” for us all to paint and we had a ball. I love that you can really see each person’s personality reflected through how they paint their individual piece.

AYW_JAS_MNO_headerHaving a party at As You Wish was so simple. Not only did the employees offer to help with everything from unloading my car and packing it all up at the end but during our entire party we had our very own party host. Having a party host is great. She walked us through the process and really helped each of us achieve our own unique vision. She was a lot of fun too, joking with us and capturing photos of us working below.

AYW_JAS_MNO_5I’d definitely recommend having a party at As You Wish for the attentive service you receive while in a fun group environment. I also love that I could bring in my very own food.

For my guests I wanted to keep with the pie theme but wanted to offer a couple of savory options as well. So I put together some layered pot pies in cute little mason jars and made an appetizer that my family has been making for years, cold vegetable pizza pie.

AYW_JAS_MNO_2Of course there had to be the sweet pie variety as well. I chose to make cute mini pies. I made two kinds, a caramel apple snickers pie and a peanut butter chocolate pie. Being that it is fall I had to get a pumpkin pie as well. And although I love me some pie I wanted to have another treat as well so The Cookie Doughjo whipped up some ADORABLE mini pie cookies for us. Not only were these cookies delicious but the cookie maker, Regina, is so sweet too.

AYW_JAS_MNO_1AYW_JAS_MNOI love a good, themed party favor so I placed a miniature pie box at each table setting that had a delicious mini pie cookie along with a pie server to use once they got their pie pedestals home!

AYW_JAS_MNO_3You too can make a pie pedestal all you have to do is paint a dinner plate and a tumbler and have them fused together in the firing process! Check out how all of ours turned out. I find it so fascinating how different the same pottery piece can look.

Pie plate 6 Pie plate 5 Pie plate 4 Pie plate 3 Pie plate 2 Pie plate 1Having a mom’s night out party was such an enjoyable time we can’t wait to go back and do it again. In fact, As You Wish is now having Girl’s Night Out for you and your girlfriends from 5pm to 10pm once a month. November’s Girl’s Night Out is coming up on the 13th, you can find the information on the calendar. Reservations are suggested so you should call your local studio and reserve your spot. *applicable to regular studio fees only.