Editor’s Note: This post was originally published for the 2015 bowl game and playoff series.

The Sun Bowl, Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and countless others are in the books, but Play Off Season is just beginning for the NFL and the Grand Daddy of them all – The Super Bowl is right in our backyard this year! What could be more fun than celebrating game day parties featuring your very own personalized, hand painted pottery. You can feature you favorite team, player, and family names. We will be highlighting Football Themed Pottery all month long on our Make-It-Monday posts, but today we will kick it off with one of our most popular serving trays!

Football Serving Tray


The platter shown is our serving tray with handles, but you can incorporate the design onto any plate or platter!


Supplies and Paint Needed

Paints- Black Lab, Red Blaze, What a Yolk, Polar Bear, Green Acres

Funwriter- Black Lab

Puffy Paint – Black, White

Round Yellow Sponge

Masking Tape, Contact Paper, Pencil, white tissue paper, black sharpie

Team Logo – before you begin find your favorite Team Logo that is about the diameter of a coffee mug and print it out onto regular paper to create a template.

Let’s Start Painting!


  • We used a cappacino mug from the sales floor, turned it upside down and traced a circle onto contact paper.
  • Cut out circle.
  • Remove backing and place circle in center of platter.
  • Using your Yellow Sponge, sponge paint 1 coat of Kermit over the whole platter. TIP: Dip your sponge in the Kermit paint and then have a paper towel handy to blot it on before you move to your platter. This prevents heavy dark spots where you first plop the sponge down on the platter and gives you a more even coat. The more you go over one spot with the sponge the heavier and darker it will be and the less texture you will see. That’s why we just want to lightly sponge 1 coat.
  • Switch to Happy Go Lucky Paint and Sponge 1 coat Happy Go Lucky on top of Kermit.
  • When the paint is dry, use your Masking Tape – Mask off yard lines on your platter.
  • Now use your Polar Bear funwriter and “scribble” down the length of each yardline.

Logo part 1:

  • Remove tape and contact paper.
  • Place Tissue Paper over your Logo Template. Trace logo with pencil.
  • Now place the tissue paper template in the center of the circle on your platter that we created with the contact paper.
  • Use a black sharpie and trace over the penciled logo. When you lift the tissue paper, you will see your logo in black sharpie (don’t worry – this will burn out in the kiln) 🙂
  • Using black puffy paint, outline your logodesign. Allow to dry.

Touchdown Lettering:

  • While the Black Puffy Paint is drying, use White Puffy Paint to outline the word TOUCHDOWN at each end of the platter. If you like you may pencil it on first – just be careful not to cut into the paint with the pencil.
  • Use Polar Bear funwriters to fill in your lettering.

Logo part 2:

  • Paint the design in center circle. For cardinals logo, you will use Red Blaze, Polar Bear, What a Yolk, and Black Lab. Use a small brush and fill in with 3 coats of paint.

Family Lettering and finish details:

  • Add lettering using a liner brush and Black Lab paint – (GERARD FAMILY BLITZ) – 3 coats – remember you can lightly pencil this on first if needed.
  • Use black lab funwriter to outline to add your family names and x’s and o’s etc.
  • When the Black Lab lettering is dry, go over Black Lab brush lettering with White puffy paint.
  • Using the eraser end of a pencil add Green Acres pencil dots around outside of logo circle and all along rim.

Touchdown! You’re down with your masterpiece! Now start planning that Super Bowl Party!