Editors Note: This post was orignally posted for the 2015 NFC Championship Game

Who watched the Seahawks/Packers game on Sunday?! No matter what team you were rooting for, that was a nail biter! We were on the edge of our seats! Now that we know who is in the Super Bowl it’s time to get ready for the almighty Super Bowl Party! Whether you are just gathering around the TV with your family, or hosting a big event, it’s fun to get into the spirit with some personalized items! Today’s football inspired plate is SO, SO EASY! Ours says “Go Team” but feel free to personalize it with your favorite team or player!

photo 3a


Pottery Piece – We used the Roma Dinner Plate, but this can be duplicated on almost any plate or platter!

Paints: Red Blaze, Simply Cinnamon, Lime Ricky, Green Acres, Polar Bear, Black Lab Funwriter (feel free to change up the colors based on your favorite team!)

Paint Brushes: Large Square Brush, Small Round Brush

Other Supplies: Pencil with good eraser, sponge on a stick, contact paper

Here we go!

Rim Background: Using Red Blaze and a large square brush, make big overlapping brush stokes with one coat of paint on the rim of the plate.

Dots: Dip the large sponge on a stick into Simply Cinnamon paint, blot it on a paper towel, than pounce all around the rim, reloading your sponge with paint as needed.

Center Background: If you like, you can cut an appropriately sized pennant out of contact paper and place in the center of the plate. Using the large square brush, paint one coat of Lime Ricky in the center of the plate painting over your contact paper pennant.

Pennant: Remove the contact paper. Using the Simply Cinnamon and the large square brush, paint 2 – 3 coats of paint in the white space left by your pennant/ contact paper. Let Dry. When dry,using Polar Bear and a small round brush, paint your lettering in with 3 coats of paint, making sure to let it dry in between each coat. If you like you can use a number 2 pencil and sketch out your lettering before painting. Just use a light touch and don’t cut into the paint with the pencil.

Polka Dot Border: Using the eraser end of a pencil, dip it into Green Acres paint and create the border, lining up your pencil dots right next to each other. Reload your pencil with paint every couple of dots.

Funwriter Outline: Using the Black Funwriter, loosely outline the pennant.

See – Told Ya It Was Easy!

photo 3a