Editor’s Note: This was originally published for the 2015 Super Bowl. The futura bowl and solo cup are no longer available but the design would still be super cute on any bowl or mug you choose!

The Pro Bowl is over. The Super Bowl is less than a week away. Today is the last in our series of Make It Monday Football posts – and we have saved the EASIEST for last! You will be amazed at how incredibly simple this project is – You even have time to complete it before your Super Bowl Party! So let’s get to it!



This nifty bowl is perfect for throwing some ice and beverages in, serving up an awesome salad or holding everyone’s favorite chips! Oh! And I think we said it was incredibly easy! We’re pretty sure it is 10 easy steps or less!


Pottery: We used the Extra Large Futura Bowl

Paint: Mochachino, Chocolate Moose, White Puffy Paint and Black Puffy Paint.

Other Supplies: Round Yellow Sponge, Masking Tape, large square brush


1. Using the Masking Tape – tape off the center seam of your football. We used two strips of tape overlapping each other.

2. Once it is taped off. Using a large square brush paint one coat of mochachino all over the outside of the bowl.

3. Let that dry for a few minutes. Now using the round yellow sponge and Chocolate Moose paint. Sponge paint over the mochachino. Just dip the sponge in Chocoalte Moose. Blot it on a paper towel and then pounce the sponge with one coat of paint all over the outside of the bowl. Reload with paint as necessarry.

4. Rim – As you finish your sponging – dip the sponge in the Chocolate Moose a final time and wipe it along the rim of the bowl with one swipe, to create a nice finished rim.

5. Remove the masking tape.

6. Using the black puffy paint – create your laces down the white stripe left by your masking tape.

7. Lettering – using the white puffy paint create your lettering – we did Game Day – you might want to highlight your favorite team! If you aren’t comfortable free-styling you can use a number 2 pencil to sketch the letters on first. Just be careful not to cut into the paint, just sketch very lightly on top of the paint. If you cut into it, the pencil lead will go away but the grooves in the paint will show up.

What’d we tell ya?! Less than 10 steps! You even have time to create matching cups!



Just follow the exact same steps above. The only difference is we did use a black funwriter to make a center line down the stripe before we made the black puffy paint laces. The cup we used was our Solo Cup.

Enjoy! And Enjoy The Big Game!