Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted in January 2015 when fortunes were reversed and the Cardinals lost to Green Bay – what a difference a year makes!

Since last week our Arizona Cardinals have been knocked out of the playoffs and there are some very happy Green Bay fans and not so happy Dallas fans but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot more football to be watched and food to be consumed! This week’s Football Party Platter is the perfect centerpiece for your Pigskin Parties!



Supplies Needed:

Pottery Piece – we used the rectangle rim platter

Contact Paper


Large Square Brush, Med Round Brush, Small Round Brush

Paint: Kermit, Red Blaze, Lime Ricky, Black Lab, Green Acres, White Puffy Paint, Black Lab Funwriter. For fingerprints – a variety of your choice – we used – Sweet Pea, Simply Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie, Mellow Yellow, Red Blaze, Blue Heaven, Pool Party, Orange Peel.


Touch Down Pennants – Cut rectangles out of contact paper and stick them on your plate. Using your large square brush fill in the center of the plate with one coat of red blaze – painting over the contact paper squares. On the rectangle rim platter the rim creates a nice frame to paint the red background in, if you are using another platter you may also want to mask off your center rectangle.

Remove contact paper rectangles. While red blaze is drying, use your large square brush and paint one coat of lime ricky along bottom section of platter to create you grass.

The red blaze background should be dry now. Fill in your pennants with one coat of kermit using either your large square brush or med round brush. Allow the Kermit to dry for a few minutes, then take your white uffy paint and make squiggly lines towards the left side of each pennant to create “yard lines”. Then use the white puffy paint to write your letters – T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N-!

The Crowd – Now the FUN part! Fingerprints! The crowd is made up with nothing but your thumbprint. So just pick your colors paint a think coat on your thumb and start stamping it down on the platter until you have filled in your “crowd”

Dot Border – Using Green Acres and the eraser end of a pencil – dip the eraser in the paint, then stamp it on the plate, keep repeating to create your border on the top and sides of your red rectangle.

Details – Using Kermit Funwriter – make a squiggled line across the top of your grass, dividing your “crowd” area and the grass. Then squiggle over that with black lab funwriter. Continue with the black lab funwriter to make a loose outline of each of your pennants and through your pencil dots.

Family Name – Use a small round brush to paint your family name on with black lab. If you like you can pencil it on first – just be very careful to lightly sketch on top of the paint. Don’t cut into the paint with the pencil – the pencil lead will fire out but the grooves in the paint will not.

And you’ve scored a Touchdown! You have completed your football masterpiece! Now have it fired and fill it with up with all those yummy tailgating foods!