Since we have Mother’s day coming up our focus is on those tiny hands and feet! Today’s Make it Monday is so easy! You can create it with kids of all ages! We even had a 20 something year old guy create one for his Mom! It was awesome – with two big huge handprints on it! So handprints aren’t just for babies! Moms with kids of all ages love seeing their children’s handprints, especially when it is handmade from the heart!

OK – here we go!



Supplies Needed:

Paint – we used Pink a Boo, Tickled Pink, Black Lab, Red Blaze Funwriter and Black puffy paint

Brushes – Large Square brush, small square brush

Other Supplies – Sponge, pencil, wet rag and/or baby wipes to clean paint off hands

Pottery Piece – We did it on the Coupe Dinner Plate

1. Use a slightly damp sponge, dip it in Pink A Boo paint and simply wipe it on the plate. It works best if you wipe in a circular motion. You don’t need a lot of paint – just one coat for a light watercolory background.

2. Using a sponge or a large square brush and Tickled Pink paint. Paint one of the child’s hands. Place it on the plate. Make sure all those little fingers get pressed down! Please ask for assistance from our staff – they are more than happy to help you get the PERFECT handprint! Once you have completed one hand, repeat the process on the second hand.

3. Using a small square brush and tickled pink , paint simple one coat stripes around the plate. You just place the brush down and pull it to the edge once and you will have the perfect stripe.

4. Using the small square brush again and Black Lab Paint, paint the dashes around the edge of the plate. You will want to do 2 to 3 coats on these. Usually by the time you get around to your starting point, the paint is dry enough for your next coat.

5. Now it is time for the lettering. If you are comfortable go ahead and free hand it. If not – you can use your pencil to lightly sketch out the placement of your letters. Just remember you want to stay on top of the paint with the pencil – DON”T CUT INTO THE PAINT. Any pencil marks will go away once it is fired but grooves in the paint will show up. Use the black puffy paint for your lettering. Puffy Paint Tips – Find a full bottle of puffy paint. Use a straightened paper clip to make sure the tips is clear. Shake well, shaking the paint into the top of the bottle. When you begin – start on your paint palette or a piece of paper first to make sure the paint is flowing well and then go to your piece.

6. While you are using the puffy paint – also create your heart outline in the center.

7. Use the Red Blaze Funwriter to fill in your heart – just scribble in the red paint until you have nice solid coverage.

8. That’s it! Your Done!

P.S. – you might want to share this post with Dad – as a hint! 🙂