We have been focusing on Mother’s Day pieces this month but since Earth Day is this week we thought we would change it up a bit! Peace, Love and Responsibility are the mantras on Be The Change Platter.


Supplies Needed:

  • Pottery– We did ours on our Oval Platter
  • Paint– Black Lab (this is the only actual paint from a bottle! The rest is funwriters and puffy paint! Can you even believe it!)
  • Fun Writers– Blue heaven, Red Blaze, Kermit, Lime Ricky, Black, Polar Bear
  • Pencils for sketching

1. Sketch the objects onto the platter with a number 2 pencil. You can start by mapping out where you want each one to be. If you like first sketch three circles on the lower part of the plate (so you have room for your writing) to get your spacing right. Once the circles are in place, draw the images inside these spaces. On the World just worry about the circle for now – the peace sign will come later. The recycle sign is a bit trickier than you might think. But basically start with a triangle and then cut the corners off. From there, just make bending arrows. You may struggle at first to make this work… but then… all of a sudden, it will be right and easy and you will think, “Why was that so difficult?”

2. Let’s start painting the world!

  • The world was painted using the marbling technique.
  • This is a simple funwriter technique. Squirt a little bit of blue heaven and kermit funwriter in a small section, and then while the paint is still wet, use the tip of the funwriter to swirl and loop the colors around each other. Fill the entire circle using this method. Let this dry while we move on.

3. Now for the Outlines on the Heart and Recycle Sign and Earth

  • While the earth dries, trace over the lines in the heart and the recycle sign using black puffy paint. These will serve like a coloring book to fill in with funwriter paint.
  • When the Earth is dry, do the same for the peace sign over the world.
  • Now… PATIENCE! This next part is an exercise in patience. The puffy paint must be completely dry in order to fill in with color! Completely! If you don’t let it dry, you will kick yourself when you smear black paint into your pretty designs!

4. While the puffy paint is drying, work on the “Be The Change” and “Peace, Love and Recycle” text

  • Sketch the words on first in number 2 pencil if you are not comfortable free handing it.
  • Paint the words using a Black Lab funwriter. Go over the letters once to make them thick.
  • Once the ‘be the change’ words are done, move on to “Peace Love and Recycle” words using a black funwriter as well.

5. The Puffy Paint should be dry by now. So let’s fill in our Heart, Recycle Sign and Earth.

  • Use Polar Bear, Blue Heaven, and Red Blaze funwriters for the heart. Use Lime Ricky or Kermit for the Recycle depending n how punchy you want the green to be. And of course Black Lab Funwriter for the peace sign.

6. Now for the fun part – Scribbling!

  • Get the black funwriter and get ready to go crazy-fun-time painting! Our major advice for the black scribble section is to not think too hard! Just roll! Make the scribbles a little more sparse around the words just to make sure that they are more legible, but other than that, just go! Have fun!

7. Back to the Letters

  • When the letters are dry, go over the black letters with White puffy paint. This gives the White puffy paint a neat black halo effect! So cool!

8. Rim

  • Finally, finish the edge with a solid black rim. The easiest way to achieve this is by using the banding wheel and a yellow sponge. Simply dip the yellow sponge in the black lab paint, and then turn the banding wheel while applying the sponge to the edge. Do this three times to ensure that the rim is solid black!
  • When the rim is dry, then use the white puffy paint to add some choppy, squiggly lines on top of the black.

That’s It! Peace! Love! Recycle!