Still in the spirt of painting tiles, I just couldn’t resist this cute 8″ tile idea for Make It Monday.

I’m not sure about you, but my kids went back to school today which means back to routines, to-do’s, and notes to keep our family running on schedule. Yes, I’m the mom who puts love notes in lunches (despite the crinch on my daughters faces), post chore lists, and strategically place post-it notes on bathroom mirrors to remind them to brush their teeth. The notes around the house tend to become a one way conversation – UNTIL NOW.

Introducing our “Don’t Bug Me Memo Board”. This is a way your children (or anyone in your house who acts like one) to write a note back. The possibilities are endless. They can hang one on the door to their room and let you know when they are having quiet time, doing their homework, reading, or let’s be honest…..just don’t want to be bugged. I can then write a note letting them know dinner will ready at 6:00…or meet me in the basement for movie night at 7:00. It’s also a way for me to keep one by my desk (since I work from home and can’t be disturbed) when they need something from me without interrupting a phone call. How about making one for grocery lists? To-do’s? Appointments? How will you make yours? Got a great idea? Share it! We’d love to be inspired by your family.

Piece: 8ā€ Tile

Supplies Needed:

Masking Tape

#2 Pencil

Large Square Brush

Small Round Sponge

Paints Needed:

Your choice of your favorite red, yellow, green (both light and dark) and blue

Funwriters – Black, Green

Puffy Paint – Black

Background: Tape off the area for the actual message. Paint the top and bottom of the tile with one to two thin coats of your favorite light green. Use the ā€œCā€ brushstroke for added texture.

Bugs: After carefully removing the tape, use the small round sponge to make the individual bugs. By twisting the sponge in place, the color will mix and cover the green background. Add a second coat if necessary. When the bodies are dry, use the eraser end of a #2 Pencil to make the heads with black paint. You can use the black funwriter to make the spots and wing lines, or, you can also use black puffy paint for legs and antennae

Words: Draw the words using Black puffy paint.

Finishing Details: Once the bugs are completely dry, use a darker green funwriter to add extra texture to the grassy background.