All Right – our Make It Monday post is late again! There is just something about Mondays! Since we are late – we thought we could keep it super easy – especially for all of you who are procrastinating on those Valentine’s gifts! Valentines, we think, is all about handmade and heartfelt! This design is perfect for ANYBODY. Put it on a plate, a mug, a frame, a cereal bowl. You can add words to it to express your feelings or not. It can be for your sweetheart, a friend, mom, dad, you name it – and it’s 3 steps! So here you go – Easy Heart Plate


1. Cut a heart out of contact paper and stick it onto the center of your plate.

2. Paint 3 coats of red over the contact paper, covering the enter plate. Make sure to let it dry in between each coat to get really solid coverage.

3. Remove the contact paper and outline your heart with black paint using either a funwriter or a detail brush, whichever you are most comfortable with.

Boom! That’s it! Your Done! See it isn’t that hard to give a hand painted, heartfelt gift for Valentine’s!

You can customize it if you like with words inside the heart – You + Me = Love or XO,XO. You are loved! I Love You! – You get the idea! You can also follow the same steps and put it on almost any piece of pottery you choose! Heck you could make a whole heart set if you like in no time at all!

Have Fun! and Happy Valentines!