Christmas is here and I’ve been BUSY BUSY BUSY!! But it’s not what you think……………..


I’ve been working on the Valentine’s floor set for the studios! I painted A LOT of Valentine’s pottery last week! Since I usually have SO many samples to paint for floor sets, we always pick a couple favorites and shoot a few YouTube tutorials as I’m painting. Here is one of my favorites! Be sure to check them all out and let me know what you think!

The studios have been so busy with everyone coming to paint Christmas gifts, so table space has been limited! NO PROBLEM! My helper, David, and I set up Cupid’s workshop in the back room at Chandler and busted it out!


David and I both LOVE doing glass projects so we had a Blast! Shoutout to David for all his help!! I don’t think he had any idea we were creating 42 glass pieces in one day!


For now the studios are still all about Christmas…..but Cupid is coming soon! Stop by the studio after the new year and check out all of our SWEET valentine’s pieces! P.S. – next up….SUPER BOWL!