Hey Everyone!

This week I wanted to share some of the custom projects I’ve been working on. I love doing custom paints because they are so well thought out and perfectly suited for the person receiving the piece. Each of these pieces are special to me because of the intention they carry with them, they’re all magic!

Love is in the air!! It is almost Valentine’s after all!

Custom Painted Platter

This first one was painted using a photograph a man from Wyoming sent me. He was going to use it as part of his marriage proposal to his girlfriend! He discovered As You Wish online and we corresponded through email to make his vision of the platter come to life! I sent it off to Wyoming and couldn’t be happier to contribute to his special day. I touched base with him a few days ago and asked how is special moment went – here is what he said –

“She did indeed say yes, and she loved the dish. We went to the spot we first met at a park on the edge of town, and watched the sunset. I don’t think she knew it was coming, but she might have known something was up because I was carrying my backpack for no apparent reason. As the sun was disappearing, I pulled out the dish and went down on one knee as I presented it to her. I gave my little speech which is mostly a blur. She was speechless for a moment and then managed to say, “I want to marry you!”, as she hugged me. It worked out great! ” – Awww – Isn’t that the sweetest! You gotta admit that is just “magic”!


Custom Wedding Signature Platter

This platter is for Reed and Kassie on their wedding day. It will be displayed at their wedding and signed by all who attend, and can be cherished year after year. I didn’t get a chance to see it after it was fired (hence the prefired photo), but it was a fun one to paint and I wanted to share it!

Custom House Platter

This house platter was created based on a photograph as well! Bill ordered a serving tray with handles and included a photo of the house he wanted painted on the platter. “Tanya’s Place”, isn’t it sweet? I had so much fun painting this for them. He mailed it off as a surprise gift for her birthday!



This one is all bout LOVE too – but a different kind of love – love for your friends and grandchildren. This one is for Mama J and has the names of her 7 grandkids on each little hat. Mama J is a Mickey FANATIC. She has EVERYTHING Mickey, so her friend wanted to get her something that she definitely didn’t have. CUSTOM! She chose an old school western Mickey and little hats with each kid’s name in yellow (like stitching). Simple and sweet, and such a thoughtful gift for a good friend! – Magic!

custom tattoo cup

Last, this is just a silly thing I painted for my boyfriend. LOL! Cutie booty cup! He is a tattoo artist, so I wanted to do something in a style he would like and give it to him for his station at work to put things in. I did this in acrylic paint because, honestly I couldn’t wait to give it to him! I think it’s TOO cute and, of course, so does he!