Here’s a GREAT idea for you guys this week!

Make a special set for Santa’s cookies, have a blast with your kids and encourage their creativity! WIN WIN WIN! You can even paint a few Christmas gifts, or ornaments, while you’re here too.

Check out a couple of my favorite “Cookies for Santa” designs!

blog cookies for santa

The Santa face and hat are classic. Who doesn’t love that? You can mix it up and use handprints and fingerprints in your design to make them even MORE personalized! I also love the plate from the child- who isn’t so sure about the naughty and nice list!

bloggingerbread cookies

I love the idea of doing a cookie jar! These gingerbread men are too cute, and so simple to paint! They look great on ANY piece of pottery, including a Cookies For Santa Plate.

You can incorporate the whole family onto one plate!

blog family coookies for santa

And even if you’re not going to make a set for Santa, you can do what I did and make a set for your knucklehead nephews who LOVE playing reindeer games!

chheerscookies for santa cheers

Painting for and/or with the people you love is the BEST kind of painting!