As You Wish Pie Stand copyHello! It’s Vanessa from, back with a cherry pie recipe just in time for Pi Day! This is my super easy cherry pie recipe, with all pre-made ingredients that you just have to throw together. My secret for the perfect pie actually has very little to do with the ingredients. It’s all about the lattice crust on top. Don’t be intimidated, it takes maybe 15 minutes to do and makes the pie so much prettier (and tastier too in my opinion). Before you preheat your ovens, head into As You Wish to create a “sweet as pie” stand to display your pie on!


2 – 20 ounce cans cherry pie filling
2 refrigerated pie crust sheets (or favorite dough)
1/2 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon sugar


Step 1: Head into As You Wish to create a pie stand. Pick out a cup without a handle and a large plate. Paint the cup and underside of the plate red. Paint the top of the plate white. Have As You Wish fuse the plate and upside down cup together to create a stand. They can also write “sweet like pie” on the plate for you or you can write it yourself.

Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 8 copyLattice Crust Cherry Pie 9 copy

Step 2: Once your pie stand is finished, we can start baking! Defrost the pie crust sheets according to the package. Place one in a 9 inch pie dish and fill with 2 cans of cherry pie filling.

Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 10copy

Step 3: Roll out the second pie crust dough and cut into 1/2 inch wide strips using a pizza cutter.

Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 11 copy

Step 4: Grabbing every other dough strip, lay the strips across the pie every 1/2 inch. The reason you’ll want to grab every other strip is so you have enough strips of each length to make it across your pie in both directions.

Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 12 copy Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 13 copy

Step 5: Using the remainder of the strips, place them on the pie going the opposite direction and weaving in and out of the strips already on the pie. I like to start in the middle and work my way out.

Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 14 copy

Step 6: Fold the loose strips under the bottom crust and pinch around the pie to crimp. Brush melted butter on the lattice crust and sprinkle with sugar.

Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 16 copy

Step 7: Cover the outer crust with strips of foil to prevent from burning. Bake at 425 for 40 minutes. Remove foil and bake for an additional 5-10 minutes until the crust is golden brown.

Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 17 copy Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 4 copy

Step 8: Place on your new pie stand, serve and enjoy!

Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 3 copy Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 2 copy Lattice Crust Cherry Pie 1 copy

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What’s your favorite pie flavor?