It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and we are running shorter and shorter on time! We know we want to paint a handmade gift for someone – but WHAT to paint and HOW FAST can I paint it is the question! We posted that one of our Top 5 gifts to give was a mug! Everyone has a use for a mug and you can personalize based on interests, favorite colors etc. You can also paint a holiday themed mug! Our Gingerbread Mug is one of our favorites! And BONUS it is fast and easy!

Here’s what you need:

  • Mug – we used our round mug
  • Brush – 1 large square brush
  • Paint – Pumpkin Pie and Red Blaze
  • Funwriters – Polar Bear, Jumpin’ Juniper and Red Blaze
  • Puffy Paint – Black and White
  • Pencil
  • Sponge

Start by painting the outside of the mug with 1 coat of pumpkin pie using the large square brush. If you make large C shaped brush strokes that overlap each other you will have nice watercolory background.

While the outside is drying, paint the inside of the mug 2 coats of red blaze. Remember to let it get slightly chalky in between each coat or you won’t be adding extra layers of paint you will just be moving paint around and you will end up with a one coat background instead of a 2 coat. To get a nice clean rim – dip your sponge into the red blaze paint. Now just wipe it around the top rim of the mug. Repeat to get nice solid coverage.

The outside should be plenty dry by now. Use a #2 pencil to sketch the face onto the front of the mug. Remember a light touch! Do not cut into the paint with the pencil, just lightly sketch on top of the paint.

Now use the black puffy paint to outline the face you just sketched.

Using the funwriter you will fill in your face – sort of using the black puffy paint as coloring book lines. For example – the whites of the eyes. Use the polar bear funwriter, hold it at an angle sort of like a pencil, and squeeze just enough to have a nice steady flow of paint and just sort of scribble in the paint between your puffy paint lines- this will give you a nice 3 coat coverage with just one application.


While the face dries, turn the mug around and do your writing. Sketch it out with a pencil first. Then just go over it with white puffy paint.

While you still have the white puffy paint in your hand, paint the squiggle around the top rim of the mug.

The last step is to use the red blaze funwriter to make little dots or dashes on your white lettering to give you that candy cane lettering look.

Voila! You are done! Don’t forget to write a nice not on the bottom of the mug – at the very least the artist must ALWAYS sign their work!

Happy Painting!