What It Costs

There is a studio fee of $8.00 per painter plus the cost of pottery. The studio fee includes paints, supplies, glazing and firing of the piece. FREE studio fees for kids under 2! Want to save on studio fees? Check out our Family Fun Pass HERE!

Pottery ranges from $4-$50 with a large selection of pieces in the $12-$25 range.

We Provide The Tools

As You Wish is a great place to flex your creative muscle and have some fun. In addition to expert assistance from our staff, you have access to our Idea Center. The Idea Center is full of paints, palettes, brushes, lettering tools, tape, pencils, tracing materials, vinyl stickers, stamps, sponges, Italian Stencils, books of inspiration, and anything else you need to let your inner artist out!

Locations & Hours

Due to limited seating, we strongly recommend making a reservation. We will be able to seat walkins if space is available. 

Make a reservation

custom treasures in 3 easy steps!

5 day turn around

  1. Pick a piece of pottery from our shelves.
  2. Design, decorate and doodle, As You Wish!
  3. We’ll glaze your piece and fire it in the kiln, and it will be ready to pick up in just a few days!

*Finished pieces are held for 21 days from the date painted (date on receipt).

same day turn around

  1. Pick a piece of pottery from our shelves.
  2. Design, decorate and doodle using our acrylic paints*.
  3. We suggest allowing 30 minutes to dry after painting and then it’s ready to take home!

*Acrylic paints are not kiln fired. Please wear appropriate clothing as acrylic paint will stain clothes. All items painted with acrylic are NOT food safe, microwave safe, or dishwasher safe, or water safe.

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