How many of you out there have a little plaster handprint or footprint of your child or perhaps your own plaster creation that your parents saved of your hand or foot print when you were a toddler? I have one of each of my daughters from pre-school. One is painted pink and formed into a paper plate and the other is a crude heart shape with a very rough handprint in the middle of it. Not beautiful works of art by any means but it still brings the collective “Awww look how tiny your little hands were” Or “You are so grown up now..I remember when..”

Isn’t it amazing the power these little handprints and footprints have? How they take us back in time? How they pretty much universally make us smile? In my house they also prompt conversation – “Tell me about when I was a baby” – or depending on the age they were when the hand or foot print was done sometimes the conversation is “I remember that!”

As many of you know, at As You Wish you can create keepsakes of your child’s hand or foot print by painting their hands and placing the hand or foot print on a variety of pottery pieces and of course decorating “As You Wish!” This week we are also doing Little Prints -it’s your chance to do your child’s hand or foot impression in clay – just like those old plaster ones from pre-school – except ceramic and beautifully painted by our artists!

Many of you have shared over the years how important it is to capture these hand and foot prints, it seems to make us feel like we are bottling that little moment in time and each time we look at them it uncorks those smiles and memories! Tell us how you have captured your child’s hand or foot prints over the years and what it means to you! Some of our best ideas come from our customers and we love to pass them along! Happy Painting!