Every year, our friends get together for a “Ladies Christmas” to celebrate both the holidays and the friendship we share. The night consists of a home-made meal, a white elephant gift exchange, silly photo shoots that NEVER produce any decent pictures (how are some people able to make a human pyramid so easily? we failed. again.), holiday themed cocktails (of course), and a night cap at the karaoke bar… Needless to say, the night is packed with laughter and great memories. To make these memories a little more permanent, I decided to start making a mug for every gal that attends. After some Pinterest searching, (we all need additional inspiration sometimes, am I right?), I decided on a theme of mistletoe. Take a peek at how they shaped up!

I’ll admit, it took a long trip into the Pinterest abyss to finally decide on this design.. Simple and cute.

What’s not pictured are the numerous designs that my roommate and I had painted, hated, then wiped up… The creative process really isn’t all that it’s chalked up to be! But there is something about black stripes on bisque with a pop of color just really does it for me. So easy and yet so aesthetic!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like drinking coffee out of a mug with your name on it really makes you feel like a Boss Lady. Which we can all agree is essential to the start of every day…#GIRLPOWER

Without fail, every mug I paint gets fleckled on the inside. It’s like adding flair to your outfit. NECESSARY.

Ta-da! Despite some smudges here and there (no one is perfect, ya’ll), they turned out great!

We wrapped them all up in some little baggies, tied a bow, and called it a day! My friends had no idea what was in the works for them, and the looks on their faces made it all worth it. Making the mugs was only part of the magic, but making memories together is really all that and a bag of *chocolate* chips!