Halloween Tutorial

We posted this way back in 2011 and Jack is still one of our most popular and easy halloween designs. Below is the original post with directions on how to paint Jack! We also have an updated version on a mug on our YouTube page with step by step instructions!

He’s so fun and easy you may want to paint it on mugs, salad plates or anything else that strikes your funny bone!


Here’s how to do it in ten easy steps:

1) There’s no need to paint the background of your pottery it will automatically be a creamy off white color. If you do want it to be a bright white then paint the entire background of your pottery with 3 coats of Polar Bear White paint.

2) With a large round brush, make two big circles with Hi Ho Silver for the eyes.

3) When the grey is dry, use the same round brush and make two circles inside the grey with Black Lab to finish the eyes. Do two to three coats to make it really solid.

5) Next, get out a Black Lab funwriter.

6) With the funwriter, make the two nostrils between the eyes. Remember that with a funwriter, only one application is necessary, not three coats! Just outline the nostrils and then fill in with the funwriter. Remember to hold the funwriter at an angle, don’t scratch into the paint. The more you squeeze on the funwriter the more paint will come out.

7) Now it’s time to make the mouth. Take the Black Lab funwriter, and beginning on the left side and moving to the right, draw a crooked smile with medium pressure. You want to have a thicker line for this. The more pressure you apply to the funwriter the thicker your line will be.

8) Now add the vertical/crooked “stitches” along the smile line with the funwriter.

9) The final step is to add the funwriter detailing with the Back Lab. When adding the detailing, not too much squeezing. You want the lines to break up a little as you go. Draw around the grey eye areas, as well as making a lot of stopping and starting action as you detail the mouth!

Happy Painting!