It’s February and that means Valentine’s is right around the corner! Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love and this year As You Wish is holding a very special event that is close to our heart! From February 1-14th As You Wish will donate $1 for every Heart Add-On sold, to the Nick and Kelly Children’s Heart Fund.

The Nick & Kelly Children’s Heart Fund (NKCF) assists Arizona families of children with congenital heart defects and acquired heart disease. Their goal is to minimize the financial and emotional burden on families and enable children with heart disease to enjoy an active, fulfilling life. As You Wish became aware of the NKCF through our very own Amy Thompson. Amy was diagnosed at 6 weeks old with HCOM (Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy) and had her first open heart surgery at 4 months. She wasn’t expected to live past the age of 3. She had a pacemaker put in when she was 8 and is now a lovely 25 year old young woman working for As You Wish and pursuing her dream of owning her own café.

Since Amy was 8 years old she has been involved with NKCF. Every year NKCF pays tuition and travel expenses for approximately 80 Arizona children with congenital heart defects wishing to attend a non-profit, medically supervised residential summer camp on Catalina Island. Amy attended those camps as a child and is now a camp counselor. “I was never expected to live a normal life or even to be alive this long. At age 8 NKCF found me. They sent me to camp for kids like me, where I was able to rock climb, snorkel, and do archery. I attended every year after that and still return as a camp counselor. I now have a chance to give back to a charity that saved my life.”

We are so proud of Amy and her quest to give back to the charity that helped her and to pay it forward to other children afflicted with heart disease. So As You Wish asks you to Have a Heart and Share the Love with the Nick and Kelly Children’s Heart Fund, Feb 1 – 14th! Come on in and create some Valentine’s Gifts for the one you love and know that you have touched our heart, Amy’s heart, and countless children’s hearts in Arizona!