Hand Painted Custom Tea Cups and Saucers

Hi there! It’s Kate from www.songskatesang.com to tell you all about As You Wish’s custom painting creations! Did you know that you can have their super talented artist paint custom pieces for you?

Julia, my fifteen year old sweetheart, decided to have two of her closest friends and their moms over for a Mother’s Day Tea. We asked the As You Wish artist to paint a custom tea cup and saucer for each guest to take home. Then, the fun really started. We began shaping the artistic vision with As You Wish’s artist Liz about Julia’s concept for the style, pieces, and colors. To get the process started, we emailed the following over to As You Wish:

  • a picture with the colors she wanted to use for the party
  • the guest names
  • a quote that she wanted included on the tea cups
  • a picture that showed the style flower drawings that she liked

That was it! Liz, the very talented artist from As You Wish, took it from there.

They called us so we knew that everything was complete and we held our breath with excitement as we picked them up. When we carefully unwrapped each of the pieces, you would have thought it was Christmas morning! We could not believe how stunning everything was! It was absolutely perfect. Liz captured what Julia was hoping for.

Kate Eschbach Photography-0293

Untitled design (3)

We kept the food simple. We planned to read poetry in real tea party style, but the wonderful company and fun conversations took over and we just enjoyed being with one another.

Each teacup was so unique. Our guests could not believe that they were able to each take home a custom gift made just for them. We know that they will remember this day fondly each time they use their special tea cup and saucer.

Kate Eschbach Photography-0319

I’m not an artist. It’s ok. I’m not just being humble. You’ve seen my other posts and you know that As You Wish is more about me learning something new and spending quality time with my family and friends than creating the next masterpiece. Through the Custom Painting service offered by As You Wish, I was proud to give these gifts to our friends. I was able to spend my time perfecting the details of the food, decorations, and activities. Thank you As You Wish! I can’t wait to brainstorm with you about our next design!

Kate Eschbach Photography-0403